A Message of Hope

Today, the whole world faces a crucial problem, the Covid-19. This virus is still a challenge and is considered as one of the worst enemies of humanity. We need to be stronger than before and rely on God’s guidance as we pray and encourage each other.

As your brother in Christ, I keep you all in my prayers. I pray for your safety and ask that God send His enlightened light to the medical researchers to find a solution to this pandemic which is ravaging us all over the world.

God who helped humanity in the fight against leprosy, disease, black death, and so many other illnesses, will help us against this mean and malicious virus. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He will not abandon us to ourselves. Pray for each other in these times of crisis.

As of Easter week, there are 30 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 2 deaths in Haiti. We keep in faith and pray so that we are not overwhelmed by this Coronavirus. We are a fragile nation. We do not have the resources to protect and defend ourselves.

God loves us all and we are His people!

With Faith,

Père Jean Madoché Vil

St. Francis d’Assisi Parish

Eglise Episcopale d’Haiti

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