February 22-29, 2020
First (Scots) Presbyterian Church
Charleston, SC
Visit Bill Rice Community Health Center

March 3-10, 2020
All Saints Church
Pawleys Island, SC
Medical and Dental Clinics to Lotore community

March 14-20, 2020
St. Andrew’s Church
Little Rock, AR
Medical Clinic and Children’s Art Camp to Platon Balais community

March 27-April 3, 2020 
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Atlanta, GA
Visit Nan Mango community and St. Barthelemy school

April 16-23, 2020
Trinity, Shallowford and Madison Presbyterian Churches
Atlanta and Madison, GA
Visit Anse-a-Galet community and St. Francis school

May 5-11, 2020
First Presbyterian Church
Fernandina Beach, FL
Visit Trou Jacques community and St. Philip and St. Jacques school

May 18-25, 2020
Beatitudes, Inc.
Little Rock, AR
Work with women’s vocational program, Pwojé Fanm

June 4-9, 2020
Alpharetta Presbyterian Church
Alpharetta, GA
Visit Ti Cotelette community and Holy Innocents school

June 24-29, 2020
St. Philips Church
Charleston, SC
Visit Plaine Mapou community and St. John the Baptist school

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