The La Gonave Haiti Partnership will gather at one of our partner churches, St. Alban’s Episcopal Church for our annual partnership meeting next week. Pere Vil and Pere Ajax from the Diocese of Haiti will join us for the event. All year scores of partners, at great expense of time and money, travel to La Gonave to participate in a “ministry of presence” and to keep our commitment to the people of La Gonave.

We want to take this opportunity to tell everyone who has made the trip this year how much your commitment is appreciated. People ask “Do you see what you are doing makes any difference?” The answer to that is a big “YES!”

This year our 1700 school children have had a hot lunch every day at school. Ask them if it makes a difference. This year for the first time the women of La Gonave have had prenatal care delivered to their remote villages allowing them to get free care, prenatal vitamins, lab testing and safe deliveries. Ask them if it makes a difference. This year our teachers have come from all over the island to participate in extensive teacher’s training so they can be more effective at their jobs. Ask them if it makes a difference. This year 80 children were treated for severe malnutrition and put back on the road to health through our Medika Mamba Program. Ask their mothers if it made a difference.

Thank you to all of our dedicated partners and partner churches who never tire and continue to let the people of La Gonave know that we are their friends and their family…no matter how hard things get. God bless all of you and God bless the people of Haiti.