Our own families are thankful for the food on their table, for a roof over their heads, for shoes on their childrenís feet, and for the opportunity to get up each morning and go to work.
Farmers enrolled in the La Gonave Goat Project experience the dignity of hard work and the accomplishment of providing for their families. They have an income-producing business that allows them to have clean drinking water after installing gutters and a small cistern at their homes. They are able to purchase healthy vegetables at market to enrich meals of beans and rice. They can buy vitamins for their children and Tylenol for the fevers of Chikungunya. Their goat businesses contribute to the economic strength of their communities.
Three hundred goat farmers remain enrolled in the La Gonave Goat Project, which began 11 years ago. An additional 29 farmers are completing their 3-day training in November 2014. However, the list remains long of families wishing to have their own business. Your gift of $180 will enroll a farmer family in the goat training class and give them a pregnant doe to start their own herd. Project coordinator, Jean Thony, will provide ongoing medical care for the goats and supervision of the re-breeding.
goat girl
With your help, goat farmers will have meat on their tables, will have product to sell at local markets, and will have the opportunity to grow their business. Goats make good business sense.
Donate on line today at www.lagonavepartners.org or send a check made payable to the La Gonave Haiti Partnership and mailed to 2461 Peachtree Road, Atlanta GA 30305. Please indicate your support for the La Gonave Goat Project.