How does your donation help the people of La Gonâve?


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For just $25 a month a Haitian child can be educated. Our schools meet the Ministry of Education standards and prepare the children to take their place in society. Give a child hope and a future for $300 a year.



DSC_0387One box of Medika Mamba will save the life of a child that is severely malnourished. Good nutrition in the early years
ensures that a child’s brain develops and they are able to use their education to be productive adults. Also, this product is produced in Haiti and made from peanuts grown by Haitian farmers. The costs of 1 box, $69, saves a child’s life and is an investment in the economic growth of Haiti.
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                   ADULT LITERACY

DSC_0027In Haiti over 75% of the adults have never had the chance to learn to read and write. For $50 an adult can take two levels of adult literacy and become functionally literate, gaining self confidence and learning to take a role in their community.



DSC_0515Remote villages on La Gonave have no access to health care and depend on their Community Health Care Worker to meet the needs of their village. For $65 a month you cansupport health care in one village and provide monthly training for that worker. Workers also administer the Medika Mamba for malnourished children.

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Installing a new pump at Nouvelle Citie
Installing a new pump at Nouvelle Citi

The foundation of a healthy life, many people on La Gonave have little access to clean water. For $50 a family can be provided with a bucket system that ensures the water they drink is clean and that the family is protected against waterborne illnesses that can be life threatening.

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Jean Thoney
Jean Thoney



In a farming community a goat is wealth. Families can sell the off-spring and send their children to school. Often times the income from goats pays for food and healthcare. The gift of a goat gives back in so many ways and can be given for $90.


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