We are happy that you have found our new website. With the wonderful guidance and help of Stacey Wright at www.wrightcreativelabs.com and Covenant Presbyterian Church we now have an interactive site with new features. It will be easier to file trip reports, update programs and get your name on our distribution list. We are linked with Facebook so be sure to look us up and “like” us.

Another very exciting feature is the ability to donate to the La Goanve Haiti Partnership online and to be sure that the donation goes directly to the program with which you have the most interest. We are now linked to Piryx and by going to the website page of the program you are interested in, and clicking on the donate now button, your donation will go directly to that program. All other donations can be made on the homepage and will go into the general fund.

This online opportunity has not come without costs to us. For the first time we have had to agree to incur administrative costs which is new to our 20 year program. In the past, as now,  all our work is done by volunteers who pay their own way as well as support the programs they are involved in. That will not change, but in order to have the ease of donating online we will be paying a 4% fee to the collection site.  We feel that this is a necessary expense, but we want you to know that it is our only administrative costs.

If you are able, please help us offset this costs by adding to your donation. We appreciate any and all donations we receive and promise to continue to be good stewards of the gifts we receive for the people of La Gonave, Haiti.

Next week will be our annual meeting of the La Gonave Haiti Partnership in Charleston, SC.  There are many exciting things underway and hope you will come back for our full report.  And, be sure to pass this site along to anyone you think may have an interest in our important work.

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