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Installing a water pump on a cistern

The La Gonave Haiti Partnership is a “ministry of presence” and a community development partnership between the people of La Gonave, the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and the United States Partners. We work  together on: Education Healthcare Nutrition Agriculture Water Economic Opportunity The US partners are ecumenical and include Episcopal, Anglican and Presbyterian churches;  local […]

Our Partners

2013 Annual Meeting

The US Partnership works with the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti to promote sustainable growth and development for the people of La Gonave Haiti. We use an accompaniment model of development that addresses the traditional problems of “rescue aid” by building human capabilities and capacities within the communities through education, economic development and improved public health. […]

First Scot’s Presbyterian, Charleston Trip Report Feb. 1-8, 2014

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  After spending the night in Miami, our team of 12 arrived in Port au Prince, Haiti, on Saturday morning, 2/1/14, and were greeted warmly by Pere Vil, Gary Gaspard and his Navette Car Service team. We boarded a van for the 1 ½ hour ride to the La Gonave dock where we joined many […]

La Gonave Haiti

The Island of La Gonave, Haiti

La Gonave Island (French: Ile de la Gonave) is an island of Haiti located to the west-northwest of Port-au-Prince in the Gulf of Gonave. It is the largest of the Hispaniolan satellite islands situated off the mainland. The island is an arrondissement, La Gonave Arrondissement, in the Quest Department of Haiti and includes the communities of Anse-a-Galet and Poine-a-Raquette.

Haiti has been called “the land that the world forgot” and La Gonave has been called “the land that Haiti forgot.” Learn More


  • LAG 3:14

    Bits and Peaces (sic)

    FOOD: Only a week back from my most recent trip and the days roll by with images still fresh. No matter how often one goes during the “dry season” it is startling anew to see how insecure the food source is for all of La Gonave. On hillsides where one sees congo beans, melons, corn […]

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    An Independent Haiti

    As many of you know January 1st is Independence Day in Haiti. It is, by far, the biggest holiday in Haiti. It is a day when each family gathers and eats pumpkin soup. Now, that could seem like a strange meal unless you know the history of Haiti. When the French controlled the country there […]

  • DSC_0981

    Give A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out

    In October 2003, seven women from La Gonâve, Haiti sat crowded on wooden benches in a dark, windowless room, anxious to learn how to be goat farmers. One of the women spoke up that day to say that she did not want to rely on the handouts of family or neighbors … she wanted to […]

  • DSC_0434

    STUFF……. Important stuff

    It is the time of the year when people seem to be always talking about “stuff.” The stores are filled with gadgets and do-dads and gift ideas. We look and say, “Who needs all of that stuff?” Chocolate fountains, dog beds that look like thrones. “Who makes up that stuff?” Five pounds of holiday catalogs […]

  • Adult literacy class at Ticolette

    800 and counting!

      We are entering the third year of our adult literacy program.  To date, over 800 adults have completed the six month training.  The classes are held in ten communities, free of charge.  We have learned that many of these adult have felt marginalized in their communities but learning how to read and write has, […]

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