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Installing a water pump on a cistern

The La Gonave Haiti Partnership is a “ministry of presence” and a community development partnership between the people of La Gonave, the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and the United States Partners. We work  together on: Education Healthcare Nutrition Agriculture Water Economic Opportunity The US partners are ecumenical and include Episcopal, Anglican and Presbyterian churches;  local […]

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The US Partnership works with the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti to promote sustainable growth and development for the people of La Gonave Haiti. We use an accompaniment model of development that addresses the traditional problems of “rescue aid” by building human capabilities and capacities within the communities through education, economic development and improved public health. […]

Covenant Trip Report 11/12 – 11/19, 2015

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What Difference Does it Make? – Haiti trip November 2015 This was not a typical Covenant mission trip to Haiti. For starters, we had three non-Covenant participants. Two men from Madison (GA) Presbyterian joined us in an exploratory trip to determine that congregation’s interest in joining the partnership. In addition, Ernest Scott, a long time […]

La Gonave Haiti

The Island of La Gonave, Haiti

La Gonave Island (French: Ile de la Gonave) is an island of Haiti located to the west-northwest of Port-au-Prince in the Gulf of Gonave. It is the largest of the Hispaniolan satellite islands situated off the mainland. The island is an arrondissement, La Gonave Arrondissement, in the Quest Department of Haiti and includes the communities of Anse-a-Galet and Poine-a-Raquette.

Haiti has been called “the land that the world forgot” and La Gonave has been called “the land that Haiti forgot.” Learn More


  • Boat trip to LAG

    La Gonave Summit 2016

    In February we met on La Gonave for the 4th annual summit of NGOs working on the island. This tradition has been invaluable for those of us working on the island and has been the impetus for much collaboration over the last 4 years. The exciting observations from this year’s meeting? There were as many […]

  • corn at the weekly market

    Update on Food Shortage

    It is with warmest hearts that we thank all who responded to the recent requests from our 10 partner communities for food supply to feed the hungry families in the mountains. With you kindness and your timely response we were able to get rice, bean and cooking oil to all ten communities during Holy Week. […]

  • IMG_0798 (1)

    Eat Your Peas

    I can still taste the mush that is canned green peas. I can still remember being told that “some children don’t have anything to eat and would love to have those peas.” I can still remember thinking “I would LOVE for them to have these peas.” The notion that another child (even thousands) were hungry was […]

  • This experience will guide me as a light every time I have to prepare a lesson for my class.  I will think about your gestures, the way you show love for your students, the way you look in their eyes, the way you congratulate them every time they answer a questions.  May God bless you a lot and protect you.

Rene Wilkel

    “A Dime On Its Edge”

    The Dutch have an interesting phrase that when translated is “a dime on its edge.” This refers to a situation that is thinly balanced and has a chance of falling either way…for good or for bad. The past 6 months in Haiti (some would argue years) had been “a dime on its edge.” If you […]

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    Elections in Haiti

    There have been several emails that have gone out stressing the necessity to take special care as you travel to Haiti. As usual, it is not ever as dire as it appears on the cable or network news here in the U.S.  For those of us who travel there on a regular basis, it is […]

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