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Installing a water pump on a cistern

The La Gonave Haiti Partnership is a “ministry of presence” and a community development partnership between the people of La Gonave, the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and the United States Partners. We work  together on: Education Healthcare Nutrition Agriculture Water Economic Opportunity The US partners are ecumenical and include Episcopal, Anglican and Presbyterian churches;  local […]

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The US Partnership works with the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti to promote sustainable growth and development for the people of La Gonave Haiti. We use an accompaniment model of development that addresses the traditional problems of “rescue aid” by building human capabilities and capacities within the communities through education, economic development and improved public health. […]

First Scots Trip Report – April 2015

May 2015 029

Bill Rice Clinic Our team of eleven felt God’s presence each morning as we joined the Haitian staff who started each clinic day with the patients in the waiting room with beautiful singing and prayers together. The home made nametags for all Bill Rice staff, students and visiting team helped all of us to get […]

La Gonave Haiti

The Island of La Gonave, Haiti

La Gonave Island (French: Ile de la Gonave) is an island of Haiti located to the west-northwest of Port-au-Prince in the Gulf of Gonave. It is the largest of the Hispaniolan satellite islands situated off the mainland. The island is an arrondissement, La Gonave Arrondissement, in the Quest Department of Haiti and includes the communities of Anse-a-Galet and Poine-a-Raquette.

Haiti has been called “the land that the world forgot” and La Gonave has been called “the land that Haiti forgot.” Learn More


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    Get A Job

    Every now and then we stop, turn away from the problems to be solved, and realize what tremendous progress we are making. This week we have been gathering statistics for some reorganization of our business model and realized that we are supporting more than 215 jobs on an island with a 95% unemployments rate. As […]

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    A Thousand words…

    We have many wonderful photographs and images of our partnership programs. It warms the heart to see little children with a huge plate of rice and beans or a new baby carefully tended to by a trained midwife. Fundraising experts tell us that donors love to see their contributions in action. One of our most […]

  • A hungry child cannot learn

    Buying Local: The Dilemma

    One of our core operating principles is that we purchase what we can in the country of Haiti. The reason is simple – it builds the capacity of Haiti to grow its economic stability. Supplies for our schools are bought in country. To the extent that we are able, the medications we buy are purchased […]

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    Meet Cole Honeycutt…

    My name is Cole Honeycutt. I’m a rising junior in high school in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Last year, I took a global issues class that looked at the country of Haiti and the problems there that have presented themselves. In June of this year, I traveled to Haiti to work in La Gonave, a […]

  • Annual Partnership Meeting – Hickory, NC July 23-25

    The La Gonave Haiti Partnership will gather at one of our partner churches, St. Alban’s Episcopal Church for our annual partnership meeting next week. Pere Vil and Pere Ajax from the Diocese of Haiti will join us for the event. All year scores of partners, at great expense of time and money, travel to La […]

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