Support These Critical Projects.

Your generosity can improve lives for families on La Gonâve! Provide School Lunches, Solar Power, Water and Teacher Salaries with a one time or recurring gift today. Click “DONATE NOW” or Mail Your Support to “La Gonâve Haiti Partners 2461 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta GA 30305”

Ensure students receive daily school lunch

Violence on the mainland and the sea worsens the tenuous food supply for an island like La Gonâve. School lunch meets a critical nutritional need for children whose families are struggling. Your support will provide the 11 school principals with the ability to purchase food and produce from local vendors to cook and serve to their students. The cost below reflects the skyrocketing prices, currently $6500/month for the school system.

COST: $48.75/month feeds 15 children. ($3.25/month/student) THROUGH THE EDUCATION FUND

Support a Rural Teacher’s Monthly Salary

A school is only as good as its teachers. Rural primary schools are staffed by dedicated teachers who work in their own community; a middle school requires multiple teachers who travel to teach their specialty in multiple schools; it is difficult to recruit teachers to relocate or travel to teach in rural communities.


Invest in Solar-Powered Schools

Solar panels and storage batteries create energy to provide lighting at night for youth and teacher study plus adult education classes; power to pump water from cisterns; power for internet access, visiting mobile medical clinics, radio and security.

Purchase a Solar Power System for a School: $3000 THROUGH THE INFRASTRUCTURE FUND

Provide Water Catchment for Schools

A water catchment system directs rain from school and church roofs through PVC gutters to large concrete cisterns. Water is used for cooking, drinking, handwashing, watering gardens & livestock. Constant maintenance of roofs and gutters is required to maximize the limited water available.

Maintain the water catchment system for a school: $50/month THROUGH THE INFRASTRUCTURE FUND

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