Healthcare where it's needed.

On an island where most communities are extremely rural and difficult to reach, the key to healthcare delivery is an agile network of staff who work and train together and live in the neighborhoods that they serve. The majority of patient encounters occur outside of the clinic building.
Healthcare Interior- Bill Rice Community Health Center


The Health Center is located in the community of Nouvelle Cite; it is the headquarters for the network of healthcare services provided by its staff to the people and communities of La Gonâve. The Health Center houses a laboratory, pharmacy, an emergency treatment area, overnight observation beds, a birthing room, multiple exam rooms, offices and rooms for overnight staff. Patients can be treated in the Health Center or through its mobile clinics. When needed, patients are referred to the island’s Wesleyan Hospital or a mainland hospital. The Center recently added internet access through Starlink to facilitate consultations and continuing education.


Mobile clinics are provided monthly in 10 communities on the island. Health Center doctors, nurses and midwives travel by Toyota LandCruiser and motorcycles to hold prenatal clinics, vaccination clinics and evaluation and treatment of childhood malnutrition. During the clinics, staff address any emergencies identified by the local Community Health Worker. Teams also travel to each school for vaccination, well child checks, staff healthcare as needed and teaching. All mobile clinics are held in school classrooms.
Healthcare Interior- Mobile clinic- Dr. Charius Lazar
Community Based Staff


Community Health Workers, or Ajen Sante, are the hands and feet of the healthcare network. Located in 19 communities, these healthcare extenders provide first aid, triage, identify at-risk patients and assist with mobile clinics in the communities where they live.

Matrones are the traditional birth attendants who deliver the majority of babies on La Gonâve; the Health Network made these vital experts part of the healthcare team. Matrones and Ajen Sante visit the Health Center every month or two to receive continuing education and refill their supplies.


Mobile and Health Center-based prenatal and family planning clinics provide for healthy and timely pregnancies, safe births,and follow-up. Expectant moms receive routine midwife checks and vitamins, point of care testing, blood pressure and fetal heart rate monitoring, vaccinations and a birth plan. First time and high risk pregnancies are encouraged to deliver at the Health Center where ultrasound is available.
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Healthcare Interior- Childhood Nutrition -Moms in Medika Mamba clinic


During mobile clinics, infants and toddlers with growth and development delays due to inadequate nutrition are identified and enrolled in the Medika Mamba program. Children are treated with Medika Mamba, monitoring and medication. Medika Mamba is the Haitian form of Plumpy’Nut®, a peanut-based therapeutic food created in France and now produced globally; in Haiti it is made and distributed through PlumpyField partner, Meds and Foods for Kids; our partnership with them has provided excellent response rates through nurse-managed, mobile Medika Mamba clinics.
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