Ansamn ansamn, nou pi fo! Together, together we are stronger. Haitian Proverb


We’re almost there! Three years ago, we started this journey – to build a middle school to serve rural students shut off from opportunity after the sixth grade. Our Haitian partners designed an ambitious campus … not just adequate, but amazing! A building dedicated to computer learning, a library, overnight housing for traveling teachers, an administrative building with a nurse’s office, 7 classrooms. It is truly a model school for anywhere in Haiti. Here is the CAMPUS map.

In Haiti, a middle school certificate is necessary to complete a fundamental education. Once a child completes the 9th grade they are prepared to return to their family as a future farmer or businesswoman. They may continue to a vocational program or begin high school and possibly university. Graduates of St. Marthe and St. Marie will be young people practiced in critical thinking, who are multi-lingual and computer literate, who have studied biology and mathematics.

Help open St. Marthe and St. Marie Middle School to students September 2022!

The first four core buildings are under construction for the Phase 1 FALL 2022 opening: the first of a 3-classroom building, the cafeteria, bathrooms and a water cistern.

More information about St. Marthe and St. Marie Middle School, is available HERE.


Click here to view a brochure with more information about the St. Marthe and St. Marie de Bethanie Middle School.

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A message from Pere Vil about the computer lab: The computer lab is installed on the left side of the entry courtyard of the school. We are ready to provide the computer class to the students of the secondary section. Parents, students, teachers, and curious people are excited about the computer lab. I am grateful to all of you. Today, so many students want to come to Saint Francis school. We have a respected school and is is not the fruit/result of a day's or a year's labor. Lots of love, sacrifices, money, prayers....I am grateful and proud of you all as our loved partners. ... See MoreSee Less
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ON SEPTEMBER 14, THE COMMUNITY OF NOUVELLE CITÉ on la Gonâve will gather for a celebration of the Feast of the Holy Cross. This is a time to honor the cross upon which Christ died and to offer praise and thanksgiving for all of God’s blessings. First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, longtime partner with the Nouvelle Cité and St. Croix church, sends greetings and love to our friends on this special day. We also announce the gift First Presbyterian is making of a scholarship for a Nouvelle Cité student to attend the new middle school when it is finished.Many goods things have occurred in spite of these recent difficult months and we rejoice in God’s faithfulness and all that has been accomplished in Nouvelle Cité. The church has a new roof, a garden project is underway, and repairs to the goat barn have been completed. New guttering and a cistern have been installed to supply water for the goats and garden. The Kid for a Kid program has begun with 5 students being given goats to care for. 35 participants are now in the adult literacy program and the microfinance project continues to offer loans for business endeavors.Excitement is building for the Mary and Martha Middle School nearby which will enable students in Nouvelle Cité and several other communities to continue learning after 6th grade. In the elementary school at this time there are 180 students, 92% of whom passed their exams and moved onto the next level. A nutritious lunch is served to the students each day. First Presbyterian Atlanta praises God for the resilience and faith of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nouvelle Cité and the blessings of our friendships. We look forward the time we can be together in fellowship. We send our love and continued prayers for God’s care. ... See MoreSee Less
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AUGUST 24th IS A FESTIVE DAY FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN NAN MANGO, a remote mountain community on the offshore Haitian island of La Gonave. It is the feast day of Saint Bartholemey, the patron saint of Nan Mango’s one-room Episcopal church. The whole community celebrates the day with a visit from Pere Vil, the sole Episcopalian priest assigned to the entire island. For the feast day there will be a church service that may include baptisms and weddings. A special meal will be enjoyed by all after the service. Celebrating the day from afar will be the members of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. For many years Covenant has been in relationship with the people of Nan Mango, partnering with them in support as the Haitians there work towards building a vibrant, hopeful and resilient community. La Gonave Haiti Partners is a 501C3 made up of about 20 U.S. churches from several denominations that, like Covenant, are partnered with a healthcare center and with the other 9 communities in the parish on La Gonave. It is because of the work of LGHP that this story can be shared here on FaceBook. To learn more go to Mango is one of ten communities served by the Episcopal parish. In each community the parish provides a church with a lay leader and a primary school serving pre-K through 6th grade children. Also sponsored by the parish in each community are adult literacy classes, mobile health clinics, services from a trained community healthworker and from a birth attendant, and entrepreneurial opportunities through microfinance loans and goat farming. By contributing financial support to these initiatives in Nan Mango, Covenant underwrites the salaries for more than 20 Haitians in this one small community. On the occasion of the feast day of St. Bartholemey in Nan Mango we at Covenant celebrate the 170 students in the community’s primary school, 88% of whom passed their end-of-year tests in May. We celebrate the 41 adult literacy students as they study reading, writing and arithmetic in their evening classes. We celebrate the past year when there were no infant or maternal deaths among the mothers enrolled in the maternal health program. We celebrate the 23 micro-finance entrepreneurs supporting themselves and their families. We celebrate the school children who are learning to raise goats so that they can help support their families. Similar stories can be told about each of the other 9 communities on the island.So much of what we hear about Haiti involves one tragedy after another after another. We celebrate that tragedy is not Haiti’s only story. And we are thankful for the relationship that has grown between the St. Bartholemey and the Covenant communities. We look forward to a time after political unrest on the mainland and after Covid everywhere, when we can once again travel and visit Nan Mango in person, sharing hugs and friendship. ... See MoreSee Less
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Dear Partners,Pere Vil reports that all continues to be well on the island. Tropical Storm Grace is bringing wind and some heavy rains, but they are in their third day of teacher training and most teachers have been able to travel to St. Francis for training. They are also getting ready for the new school year which begins September 6th. In addition, they are working to secure the new computer lab to its platform at St. Francis and hook up the electrical panel to run the air conditioner unit and computers. The teachers are very excited about the new lab!We continue to pray for the victims of the earthquake. There may be a chance some are transported to the Wesleyan Hospital on la Gonâve for treatment, and staff at the hospital are in communication with Dr. Lapointe, the medical director of the Bill Rice Health Center, to pool resources if needed. Thanks to our several partners, the container recently shipped to la Gonâve had medical equipment and supplies needed to buildout an urgent care center. These might become useful to some of those suffering from the earthquake.I will keep you posted,Jennell ... See MoreSee Less
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Enjoy some updates on the new middle school: ... See MoreSee Less
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Earthquakes and storms have not stopped the teachers on La Gonave from participating in training sessions to prepare for the new school year. ... See MoreSee Less
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August 30, 2021 Dear Partners, It has been just over two weeks since the earthquake struck the southern peninsula of Haiti on August 14th. The death toll has now climbed to over 2,200 with thousands more injured and over 50,000 homes destroyed.  2021.08.14 Haiti Earthquake The news from La Gonâve remains the same.  Our partner

“Se anyen Bondye pa kab fè!… There is nothing God can’t do.”

July 9, 2021 Dear La Gonâve Haiti Partners (LGHP), As most of you have heard, on July 7th, the President of Haiti Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home in Port-au-Prince and his wife injured. It is with great sadness that we share the news of his death. The President’s wife was flown to Miami

Why Haiti?

I will never forget my first short-term mission trip. It was to Haiti, January of 2017. The previous year my wife, Mary Martha, and I had been visiting a new church for us – First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta. She made the comment on one of our early visits to this church, “…what better way