The future of Haiti.

Partners on La Gonâve have always identified the development of high quality schools as a priority. Long-term Partner support has resulted in a school system of academic excellence whose supportive instructors form the leaders of tomorrow.


Thriving schools operated by St. Francis Parish are located across La Gonâve Island: The Fundamental level of education (Grades One – Nine) is provided through ten primary schools (Pre-K through Sixth Grade) and two middle schools (Grade Seven through Ninth Grade). The Secondary level of education (Grade Ten through Grade Thirteen) is provided on the St. Francis campus in Anse a Galets, where there is also a trade school (See: Economic Development). Community-based adult literacy classes teach reading, writing, and basic math skills. Total enrollment for all programs is over 2,300 students. National schools are available on the island, but teachers are poorly paid and prepared with poor student outcomes. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), churches, communities and for‐profit operators privately manage more than 85 percent of primary schools (USAID. “Haiti Education Fact Sheet” January 2020).

The new Parish middle school opened in the Palma community with its first class of Seventh Graders in 2022. In 2023 the Eighth Grade class was added and in 2024, a Ninth Grade class will begin. There will be a new building for a computer lab and library, plus a second floor of 3 more classrooms. Fulfilling a long-standing dream of the Parish, the central location of Palma makes it possible for children from 5+ surrounding communities to complete their Fundamental education from their home community.


An adult education course is offered by the Parish for adults who never attained literacy or basic math skills. Classes are taught in ten St. Francis schools plus two overflow sites. Students meet 2-3 times weekly to receive instruction, practice new skills together, and share a meal. Strengthened literacy empowers adult learners to better manage financial, healthcare and legal situations for their families.
Adult Literacy
School lunch cooking edit


The school lunch program is active in all schools and is a vital source of children’s nutrition. In 2023, the program made a strategic switch to locally-sourced food managed entirely by the Parish. Some items are purchased in bulk by the parish and delivered by truck to schools, some items are purchased directly by the school principal. Vegetables and seasonings, rice and other grains, cooking oil and firewood are purchased with Partnership funds. Principals have a WhatsApp group to help each other determine volumes needed and vendor sources. The island’s business and agriculture sectors are strengthened by their excellent customer- the St. Francis school system.

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