Not Just a Number

Many of my friends question why I go to Haiti so often…it is a significant expenditure of time and money.  The easy answer is because I want to.  The more complicated explanation is why I want to.  I am convinced that it makes a difference.  It makes a difference on a personal one-on-one basis.  It

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A Ministry of Presence

Bishop Duracin once said, “If you have $2,000 to give us, use $1,000 to come and see us and donate the other half to our works.” Out of that came the idea of  “a ministry of presence.” Over the years many have asked us exactly what that means. It is not always easy to explain,

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What Just Happened?

It is not always easy to know what to do. As Americans we seem to come pre-loaded with the desire to fix things. Haiti has a way, with a lovely French accent of course, of saying, “Not so fast, Buddy.” The odd thing about it is that almost to a person, what keeps people engaged

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Many who are last…

One of the major tenets of Christianity is that “many who are last shall be first.” The Partnership believes this as well. We believe that the poorest deserve the best because their need is greater. The term, “preferential option for the poor,” was first used in 1968 by Father Pedro Arrupe, a Jesuit priest who

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Seeds of Hope

Last winter we were confronted with a tragic situation on La Gonave. We are used to “major problems” but this one went beyond that. People we knew to be hungry most of the time had transitioned into starving. A combination of climate (drought) and seasons (winter) the food that might often be available was no

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