Ansamn ansamn, nou pi fo! Together, together we are stronger. Haitian Proverb

Click here to read the recent article, published in The Presbyterian Outlook, detailing how the people of la Gonâve are fighting the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus Update:



As the coronavirus wreaks havoc worldwide, the effect of the pandemic is magnified in fragile communities like those on the Haitian island of Gonâve.

Dr. Lapointe, the medical director of the Bill Rice Community Health Center, explains, “As Haiti locked down to slow the spread of the disease within our borders, legal travel ceased between the island and the mainland, isolating the people of la Gonâve even more.” The travel ban resulted in a shortage of food and medicines.

Despite the challenge, Dr. Lapointe and his staff continue to provide weekly mobile clinics in remote communities. At one clinic, the community health worker asked the clinic nurse to examine a severely malnourished two year old. This little girl’s malnutrition was due to her family’s lost of income. The parents had been unable to transport their farm crop for sale. The toddler was immediately enrolled in the Medika Mamba program, which provides a family with a fortified paste that is made in Haiti from peanuts and used to supplement inadequate diets. On the 12-week follow-up exam, the Center’s staff found a thriving, busy, 26 1/2 pound girl!

Challenges currently exist for the people of la Gonâve. La Gonâve Haiti Partners helps to cushion the impact of the pandemic by paying salaries for teachers and clinic staff, by continuing construction on new cisterns and school buildings. Recent partnership initiatives address health needs for clean household water and hand sanitizing stations for school in the fall.

DONATE TODAY to help the people of la Gonâve during this time of great need.

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The people of Haiti are struggling through two years of record inflation in the economy and plunging devaluation of its currency. Families on the remote island of la Gonâve are particularly hard hit.

But you can help! For only $50, you can provide a year of school lunches for one student at a partnership school on la Gonâve. The lunch will be, mostly likely, the only meal of the day for that child. # educationhaiti

Join La Gonâve Haiti Partners in serving lunch to 1500 school children in 10 schools throughout the school year. DONATE today at
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While schools across Haiti were closed this spring, adults on the island of la Gonâve were determined to continue their studies. Participants in the Adult Literacy program met in small groups of 5 to 10 to learn basic literary and math skills in Creole and French.

Literacy gives a woman the chance to start her own business selling sundries at a roadside stall. Literacy offers a farmer the ability to understand prices posted at markets on the mainland. Literacy is dignity. #educationhaiti

Let's support these men and women as they struggle to improve their lives. GIVE today at
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It’s back to school in Haiti! Students on la Gonâve are excited to return to the classrooms after months of no school during the pandemic.

Let’s make sure that each school child has the opportunity to study and learn. A donation of $30 will provide the necessary textbooks and supplies for one student. #educationhaiti

Education is critical to Haiti’s future. GIVE TODAY at and help shape tomorrow’s leaders.
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Students on la Gonâve will be returning in September for the first time since all schools in Haiti were closed in March by presidential decree. #educationhaiti

Pere Vil, our Haitian partners, says, “I give thanks to God who allowed us to organize the teachers training. We have some new teachers as always, but good teachers. They participated in the training and appreciated the accompaniment they receive from us. Thank you so much for taking with heart and consideration the training for the teachers. This is one of the good way to make better our schools."

Join La Gonâve Haiti Partners in supporting teachers on la Gonâve. With your help, students will receive the education they deserve.
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Clean water is critical in preventing the spread of serious illnesses like COVID in Haiti. La Gonâve Haiti Partners works to build community cisterns and to distribute household water purification systems.#healthcarehaiti

Before the start of the school year, the partnership hopes to provide handwashing stations for the students and teachers in each of the 10 partner schools on the island of Gonâve.

HELP us reach this goal before September. Donate TODAY at and aid the fight against the coronavirus.
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Father Jean Madoché Vil congratulates La Gonâve Haiti Partners on its 30th anniversary and thanks the many supporters who have joined in the fight against the coronavirus on the Haitian island of Gonâve. Visit and help continue the battle. ... See MoreSee Less

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