Ansamn ansamn, nou pi fo! Together, together we are stronger. Haitian Proverb


Computer literacy is now required curriculum by Haiti’s Ministry of Education in middle and high schools. 

A computer lab enlarges the classroom learning space and exposes students to academic resources from around the world. Computer skills promote language proficiencies and enable students to engage in stimulating dialogue with students from other nations, creating a global learning community. Teachers receive increased access to valuable information for student learning and to online teacher training opportunities 

EVACE International has built a computer lab in a 20′ shipping container as a way to provide computer access in a dust-free, temperature controlled and secure environment in remote communities.

To support an ideal temperature, the container has been refitted with specialized insulation and an air conditioner unit mounted on the back wall. Roofing provides an additional means to reduce heat on the container. The container is bolted to a concrete platform that protects it further from dust, water, and natural disasters. The open end of the container has steel and glass doors to provide light and security. Training modules on basic computer skills accompany the lab.

EVACE has donated a prefabricated lab to La Gonâve Haiti Partners for use on the Haitian island of Gonâve at St. Francis Campus in Anse-a-Galets. Funds are still needed for refurbished tablets, chairs, internet booster and generator, as well as shipping costs.



Click here to learn how you can make a donation of stocks or other investments to La Gonâve Haiti Partners.

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TOMORROW, JUNE 11TH, IS A SPECIAL DAY FOR THE PEOPLE OF LOTORE, ON THE HAITIAN ISLAND OF LA GONÂVE. It's the Feast Day celebration at St. Barnabas Church and School. Lotore is a beautiful farming community, perched on a plateau high above the ocean. There are old growth mango and breadfruit trees, fields of hand-tended peanuts, corn, eggplant. The families who farm are experts at terracing into the hillsides and tilling deep furrows. It is a very natural, close to the earth existence.St. Barnabas is a blessing to the community of Lotore. St. Barnabas was known as the Encourager and this perfectly describes the mission of the people of the church and school. The church is there for Lotore in good and bad times and serves as a center for education, worship and music, agricultural advice and animal care and vaccination. It also has a community health worker who works with the Bill Rice Center staff for prenatal clinics. All these programs are provided to the whole community. They know that, though Lotore is a remote community, the church is always there for encouragement and support. The staff at St. Barnabas is warm, creative, energetic and professional. They set a brilliant example to the people they serve. God is so evident in the beauty of the land and in the people of Lotore. From the rising of the sun complete with the roosters crowing and the donkeys braying, to the bustle of a medical clinic, to the talking and laughing at the dinner table, until the quiet of bedtime, His presence is so strong. Come visit and you will see what a magical place this is in Haiti!JOIN with All Saints Church of Pawleys Island, along with other friends, in sending their prayers to the families of Lotore for thriving, abundant lives in the years ahead. ... See MoreSee Less
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LUNCH IS SERVED!! School lunches are an essential ingredient of education. They improve the students’ learning capabilities and attention span. Thanks to FMSC, Reach Now International and YOU, 1254 boxes of lunches arrived yesterday for the 10 schools of La Gonâve Haiti Partners.School lunches are a powerful weapon to fight hunger and malnutrition. A hot, nutritious plateful of rice, mixed with vitamin supplements, is often the only meal for the student or the teacher that day. #educationhaitiHelp make sure that lunch is served each school day. DONATE now at ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you to everyone who donated to our Mother's Day Fundraiser and honored special mothers! ... See MoreSee Less
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Mothers Are Special EverywhereHonor a special person this Mother’s Day with a donation that supports vulnerable mothers, their infants, and young children in Haiti. Who do you wish to honor? Leave a message in the comments section.Our Mobile Prenatal Clinics serve 10 remote communities on the island of La Gonave and offer routine prenatal care. Trained midwives and skilled birth attendants help with safe deliveries. Infants receive childhood immunizations. $75 provides prenatal and follow-up care for 1 mother her infant through age 1.The Children’s Nutrition Program identifies and treats malnourished children ages 1 – 5 through an 8-week nutritional supplement program. $70 provides complete treatment for 1 child.Your gift to La Gonave Haiti Partners, Inc. (501C) will help us reach our Mother’s Day goal of $2000. Feel free to share something about the person you are honoring.Click on this link ... See MoreSee Less
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Today is a special day for the people of Trou Jacques, on the Haitian island of la Gonâve. It's the Feast Day celebration at St. Philippe and St. Jacques Church and School. The day began at 9AM with a church service filled with joyful music and singing. There will be baptisms and weddings too. Afterwards, the community will gather for a “feast” on the church grounds. Trou Jacques is a community perched high in the mountains overlooking the Bay of Gonâve. The view to mainland Haiti is spectacular. A cool breeze often softens the heat of the sunny day. Families are dependent on rainwater for their gardens of maize and vegetables, which they sell at the nearby Wednesday market in Palma. Microfinance participants have small businesses selling baked goods or soap or charcoal.St. Philippe and St. Jacques School sits at the end of a rocky, rutted road. The two buildings house grades Pre-Kindergarten through 6th. Enrollment has increased to 131 for the current school year. The school staff includes 3 Pre-K teachers and 6 teachers for grades 1-6 as well as a principal and a music teacher. Students and teachers receive a hot, nutritious lunch each school day, often their only meal of the day. There are 25 adult literacy students enrolled in the Alpha program, learning reading, writing and basic math skills. Nine of the adults are at Level 3 studying French in addition to their native Kreyol.Many of the farmers in Trou Jacques also participate in the La Gonâve Goat Project and attend regular veterinary clinics for their goats and other livestock. The program has grown this year to include a school curriculum in goat husbandry. 5 students from the most vulnerable families at St. Philippe and St. Jacques School have been selected to participate. Once, they have completed their training, each school child will receive a pregnant doe to begin their family's goat herd.In 2015, a large church was built so that the community had a beautiful place for worship and no longer had to meet in classrooms for Sunday services. A cistern has been added to the church for the community. New latrines have been built at the school. Currently, a school cafeteria is under construction so that the school lunches can be cooked and served indoors. Students will now receive lunch each school day regardless of the wind and rain outside. Central Presbyterian Church in Atlanta GA, First Presbyterian Church in Fernandina Beach, FL, and McDonough Presbyterian Church in McDonough, GA salute their Haitian partner St. Philippe and St. Jacques Church and School on their Feast Day. JOIN US in sending our prayers to the families of Trou Jacques for thriving, abundant lives in the years ahead. ... See MoreSee Less
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In 2012, a young mother spoke up in a meeting on the Haitian island of Gonâve and asked to learn what her children were learning in school. An adult literacy program was developed, centered on reading, writing and math in Creole and French. Today, more than 300 students are enrolled in 10 communities. Literacy is dignity. Literacy brings smiles as adults learn to write their own names. Visit TODAY to help. ... See MoreSee Less
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Why Haiti?

I will never forget my first short-term mission trip. It was to Haiti, January of 2017. The previous year my wife, Mary Martha, and I had been visiting a new church for us – First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta. She made the comment on one of our early visits to this church, “…what better way

What An Amazing Story

You can’t make this improbable story up. In the Fall of 2018 Pere Vil, the Episcopal priest in charge of St. Francis Parish told La Gonave Haiti Partners Board member Leslie Jordanger that the parish needed to buy a dump truck. And not just any dump truck. A single axle Mack 685 R with a


The first of January is a special holiday observed by Haitians around the world. The date symbolizes the birth of a new nation in 1804, following the revolt by the Haitian people against the country’s French colonizers and plantation owners. History tells us that on Sunday, January 1, 1804, Haitians gathered in the Place d’Armes,