July 9, 2021

Dear La Gonâve Haiti Partners (LGHP),

As most of you have heard, on July 7th, the President of Haiti Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home in Port-au-Prince and his wife injured. It is with great sadness that we share the news of his death. The President’s wife was flown to Miami for treatment. She is stable, but in critical condition, and we ask for your prayers for her recovery.

I have been in communication with the priest-in-charge on la Gonâve, Pere Jean Madoché Vil.  He is very sad and worried about the future, and he asks that you continue to pray for the country of Haiti. Their concerns remain and grow larger as they await directives of the government. He prays, “God have mercy on the Country!”

For the past 2-3 years, because of the political unrest in Haiti and the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not been able to travel to la Gonâve to spend time in community with our partners there.  In spite of this, your commitment to the people of la Gonâve has been unwavering. Because of this and the deep faith of our brothers and sisters on la Gonâve who insist, “There is nothing God can’t do,” much progress continues to be made. Over the past year, schools have opened with a record number of students, new desks and chairs purchased, painting and renovations completed; the adult literacy program has grown; construction of a kitchen at Trou Jacques, playground at Gros Mangles, and pavilion at Ti Cotelette have been completed, or nearing completion; economic development opportunities have been expanded, a new goat project started; and healthcare services continue to grow reaching across the island to provide critical medical, maternal health, and child health care access. 

“Se anyen Bondye pa kab fè!… There is nothing God can’t do.

On July 23-25th, during our Annual Conference in Clarksville, TN, we will come together to mourn for the chaos that Haitians continue to endure, recommit ourselves to continue the work now even more vital to the people of la Gonâve, and lift one another up to continue the legacy begun over 30 years ago.

To share with you a prayer by the Reverend Greg Glover, the Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Clarksville, TN and Board member of LGHP, he writes—

We pray to you, O God, holding hands with our Haitian friends and joining our voices with theirs today:

In the face of political violence and assassination, be our helper and protector.

Help the needy, have mercy on the lowly, feed the hungry–humble the proud and comfort those who are afraid.

Protect us in this time of danger.

Give our souls peace and refuge from the turmoil; shelter us under your wings.

Grant the people of Haiti freedom from oppression and rulers who do justice, love mercy, and walk in the ways of truth.

Grant wisdom to all who govern this day in Haiti–and in neighboring lands–to execute justice with mercy.

Bring unity, peace, concord, and prosperity to our friends, we pray.

Hear us, Good Lord, we cry to you.

In your strong, three-fold name we pray.  Amen.

Please continue to pray for Pere Vil, his ministry, the people of la Gonâve, and the country of Haiti.  We will be posting updates at La Gonave Haiti Partners on Facebook page as we learn more.

May each of you find peace and calm in your lives, holding each other fast and close to your hearts,

Jennell Charles

Chair, Board of Directors

La Gonâve Haiti Partners

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