Ansamn ansamn, nou pi fo! Together, together we are stronger. Haitian Proverb


Celebrate the achievements of the past year and look ahead to future initiatives. 

The conference format will be both “in person” and “virtual.” First Presbyterian Church and Trinity Episcopal Church of Clarksville, Tennessee will host this year’s event. If not able to travel, you are encouraged to participate virtually. More conference information is available HERE.  



We’re almost there! Three years ago, we started this journey – to build a middle school to serve rural students shut off from opportunity after the sixth grade. Our Haitian partners designed an ambitious campus … not just adequate, but amazing! A building dedicated to computer learning, a library, overnight housing for traveling teachers, an administrative building with a nurse’s office, 7 classrooms. It is truly a model school for anywhere in Haiti. Here is the CAMPUS map.

In Haiti, a middle school certificate is necessary to complete a fundamental education. Once a child completes the 9th grade they are prepared to return to their family as a future farmer or businesswoman. They may continue to a vocational program or begin high school and possibly university. Graduates of St. Marthe and St. Marie will be young people practiced in critical thinking, who are multi-lingual and computer literate, who have studied biology and mathematics.

Help us open St. Marthe and St. Marie Middle School to students this September!

The first four core buildings are under construction for the Phase 1 FALL 2021 opening: the first of a 3-classroom building, the cafeteria, bathrooms and a water cistern.


Click here to view a brochure with more information about the St. Marthe and St. Marie de Bethanie Middle School.

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It is with a very heavy heart that we share the news of President’s Moise’s assassination last night in Port-au-Prince. Our Haitian partner on la Gonâve, Pere Vil, says, “It’s very sad, very sad news and very bad for our Country. We are all worried. Praying for the country."Please join us in the following prayer from Greg Glover, pastor First Presbyterian Church, Clarksville, TN and member of La Gonâve Haiti Partners board of directors.We pray to you, O God, holding hands with our Haitian friends and joining our voices with theirs today:In the face of political violence and assassination, be our helper and protector.Help the needy, have mercy on the lowly, feed the hungry--Humble the proud and comfort those who are afraid.Protect us in this time of danger.Give our souls peace and refuge from the turmoil; shelter us under your wings.Grant the people of Haiti freedom from oppression and give them rulers who do justice, love mercy, and walk in the ways of truth.Grant wisdom to all who govern this day in Haiti--and in neighboring lands--to execute justice with mercy.Bring unity, peace, concord, and prosperity to our friends, we pray.Hear us, Good Lord, we cry to you.In your strong, three-fold name we pray. Amen. ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy July 4th, Independence Day! Your brothers and sisters in Haiti salute the US partners. ... See MoreSee Less
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TOMORROW, JUNE 24TH, IS A SPECIAL DAY FOR THE PEOPLE OF PLAINE MAPOU, ON THE HAITIAN ISLAND OF LA GONÂVE. It is the feast day of St. John the Baptist. St. Jean Baptiste Eglise (Church) celebrates this day with a visit by their priest Pere Vil, the only ordained Episcopal priest assigned to 10 churches on the island. Lay Pastors lead the churches when the priest is not there, but only an ordained Priest can perform baptisms and weddings. So on the feast day there are many baptisms and weddings. It is a celebration for everyone! Nearby churches bring their choirs and special musicians are hired. After the service everyone enjoys a feast! St. Philip’s Church in Charleston, SC began its partnership with its sister church on la Gonâve, St. Jean Baptiste, in 1995 with a feast day visit. Each year after, on feast day, members of the two churches gather … it is like a family reunion.St. Jean Baptiste Church and school are situated high up on la Gonâve nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains. The rich red dirt of Plaine Mapou (named for the Mapou trees which used to populate it) is good for growing corn, peanuts, squash and beans. There are coconut trees, mango trees and bread fruit trees. Thanks to the agricultural program of La Gonâve Haiti Partners, the schools are teaching students how to grow their own small gardens right next to the school building. There is also a new goat program to teach 5 students of our most vulnerable families goat husbandry. Once they complete the class the students are given a pregnant goat so they can begin their family’s goat herd. The school, located on the same grounds as the church, consists of two buildings. The upper school building has three classrooms and the preschool building has one classroom and an office. It serves 3 pre-K grades with 25 students and 1st through 6th grade with 85 students. There are 9 teachers, a principal, a cook, a guardian and a housekeeper. There is also an adult literacy class that meets in the evenings, with 3 teachers and 16 students. Each student, both child and adult and the staff, get one hot meal included with their education. This is often the only meal they may receive that day. Thanks to the help of Water Missions International, the church and school buildings have new roofs and water catchment systems which will help the cisterns stay full. Since there is no place to drill a well in Plaine Mapou and the nearest well is about an hour's walk away, a good functioning water catchment system is vital to the community. There is a mobile medical clinic at the church on a regular basis. The clinic serves the church and schools as well as the wider community. Three health care workers from the church are trained and supported by the clinic and are the front line healthcare providers for the community. The nutrition program serves the community from St. Jean the Baptiste too. Each baby in the program is weighed and charted and given a special nutritional supplement which helps them grow in weight and development.St. John the Baptist Feast Day is a day to celebrate the work of the church in the community of Plaine Mapou. The work of the church is primarily saving souls for eternity, but it is also about the work of the kingdom in the here and now. Without St. Jean Baptiste, the hunger of soul, mind and body would be much greater in Plaine Mapou. Please join St. Philip’s Anglican Church in honoring our hard working, persevering, joyful and hopeful brothers and sisters of St. Jean Baptiste Eglise. Please pray with us for the continued growth of the mission of St. John the Baptist and it’s school and for protection from storm, famine, drought, pestilence or any kind of harm for all of Haiti. May God’s peace reign. ... See MoreSee Less
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TOMORROW, JUNE 11TH, IS A SPECIAL DAY FOR THE PEOPLE OF LOTORE, ON THE HAITIAN ISLAND OF LA GONÂVE. It's the Feast Day celebration at St. Barnabas Church and School. Lotore is a beautiful farming community, perched on a plateau high above the ocean. There are old growth mango and breadfruit trees, fields of hand-tended peanuts, corn, eggplant. The families who farm are experts at terracing into the hillsides and tilling deep furrows. It is a very natural, close to the earth existence.St. Barnabas is a blessing to the community of Lotore. St. Barnabas was known as the Encourager and this perfectly describes the mission of the people of the church and school. The church is there for Lotore in good and bad times and serves as a center for education, worship and music, agricultural advice and animal care and vaccination. It also has a community health worker who works with the Bill Rice Center staff for prenatal clinics. All these programs are provided to the whole community. They know that, though Lotore is a remote community, the church is always there for encouragement and support. The staff at St. Barnabas is warm, creative, energetic and professional. They set a brilliant example to the people they serve. God is so evident in the beauty of the land and in the people of Lotore. From the rising of the sun complete with the roosters crowing and the donkeys braying, to the bustle of a medical clinic, to the talking and laughing at the dinner table, until the quiet of bedtime, His presence is so strong. Come visit and you will see what a magical place this is in Haiti!JOIN with All Saints Church of Pawleys Island, along with other friends, in sending their prayers to the families of Lotore for thriving, abundant lives in the years ahead. ... See MoreSee Less
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LUNCH IS SERVED!! School lunches are an essential ingredient of education. They improve the students’ learning capabilities and attention span. Thanks to FMSC, Reach Now International and YOU, 1254 boxes of lunches arrived yesterday for the 10 schools of La Gonâve Haiti Partners.School lunches are a powerful weapon to fight hunger and malnutrition. A hot, nutritious plateful of rice, mixed with vitamin supplements, is often the only meal for the student or the teacher that day. #educationhaitiHelp make sure that lunch is served each school day. DONATE now at ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you to everyone who donated to our Mother's Day Fundraiser and honored special mothers! ... See MoreSee Less
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“Se anyen Bondye pa kab fè!… There is nothing God can’t do.”

July 9, 2021 Dear La Gonâve Haiti Partners (LGHP), As most of you have heard, on July 7th, the President of Haiti Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home in Port-au-Prince and his wife injured. It is with great sadness that we share the news of his death. The President’s wife was flown to Miami

Why Haiti?

I will never forget my first short-term mission trip. It was to Haiti, January of 2017. The previous year my wife, Mary Martha, and I had been visiting a new church for us – First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta. She made the comment on one of our early visits to this church, “…what better way

What An Amazing Story

You can’t make this improbable story up. In the Fall of 2018 Pere Vil, the Episcopal priest in charge of St. Francis Parish told La Gonave Haiti Partners Board member Leslie Jordanger that the parish needed to buy a dump truck. And not just any dump truck. A single axle Mack 685 R with a