Ansamn ansamn, nou pi fo! Together, together we are stronger. Haitian Proverb


We want to thank all our supporters for their participation in our Annual Fund 2019 campaign. Because of your generosity, we were able to raise approximately $53,000. These funds will support a number of critical initiatives, including teacher training which is essential for a quality education program; a school lunch program for over 1600 students and staff; and healthcare and medical outreach to 10 communities across the Haitian island of Gonâve. The Board and members of the La Gonâve Haiti Partners are extremely grateful for your gifts.

From Father Jean Madoché Vil, Episcopal priest of St. Francis Parish and our Haitian partner:

We feel blessed be the presence of so many people in our lives. On behalf of my sisters and brothers on la Gonâve, I thank all of you who work hard to provide support for education, healthcare, and small businesses on the island of la Gonâve.

From Father Ricot Geffrard, Haitian partner and Episcopal priest of St. Croix Parish:

I appreciate the concern of the people in the United States for the well-being of the people in Haiti. I thank them and continue to count on their prayers and their support. I send words of gratitude to all of our brothers and sisters.

Join with us in celebrating 30 years of a U.S. and Haitian partnership based on a shared vision of a future where all the people of la Gonâve experience thriving, abundant life.

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