A warm welcomeIt is with warmest hearts that we thank all who responded to the recent requests from our 10 partner communities for food supply to feed the hungry families in the mountains. With you kindness and your timely response we were able to get rice, bean and cooking oil to all ten communities during Holy Week.

Not only that, but due to responsive board of directors we were able to arrange another container of food from Feed My Starving Children to be sent down and distributed to many outlying areas that a now in the grips of a serious food shortage due to the drought of the last 3 years. Your support of that endeavor will ensure that more people will receive emergency food for their families.

We know this is only an emergency response to the current crisis, but we have also been at work to develop a planned response that would support families if the drought continues. Through collaboration with other partners in Haiti we are hoping to develop a more comprehensive plan to distribute seeds, train farmers to build seed storage banks and to plant raised bed (more drought resistant) beds that will take them through the dry months with a minimum of water.

It has been truly humbling to receive so much support and concern from all of our partner. The people of La Gonave are moved and grateful as well and they depend on us to let you know.

So, please accept their thanks, our thanks, and the peace that comes from being connected to something larger than ourselves. This Easter, as always, we were so aware that we serve an awesome God.

Deb Griffin

For the partnership