All Saints Haiti Mission Trip November 2013
St. Barnabus Church and School

This trip was a trip of many firsts for our group: 4 new team members out of seven, an OBGYN on the team, St. Barnabus school children well exams, observation of school teachers during the school day, and all clinics together in the church vs separate classrooms (OBGYN was in a small room off the main church area).

Our team consisted of: Leslie Jordanger, FNP; Donna Anderson, former educator and consultant; Cynthia Capitelli, RN; Mary Grace Phillips, medical assistant and nursing student; Chris Kudrich, PA; Karyn Markley, MD (OBGYN), and Mandy Drosieko, MD (pediatrician). Dr Junior Lehans and Mme Esther from the Bill Rice Clinic assisted us with clinics as did our HCW, Mme Yvenia (who is also a teacher!). We could not do all that we do without their help and the help of the many other Haitians who assist in the clinics and caring for us at St. Barnabus. Our translator team had 2 new faces- Monsieur Jean and Mme. Marsha who were wonderful additions to the team of Monsieurs Webster and Noel Vil. We shared fellowship and dinner each evening with our Haitian brothers and sisters.

The first day we saw 110 of the school children for their well checks, plotting them on growth curves. Leslie and Donna observed the teachers and met with them to discuss future projects for the school. It was a blessing to see how each teacher was so professional and loving with the students.

IMG_3088The following 2 days we held adult, pediatric, and OBGYN clinics. Including the school children, we saw 525 patients in 3 days, praying for the patients as they were seen. The reason I give the number is physically and humanly, it should not be possible, but we are convinced that God expanded our time, so we could meet the needs of the community.

We were also saw a seven month old whose mother died in childbirth in April. I had seen this baby at 2 days old on our last trip. I am happy to report he is thriving under the care of his father and sister.

These trips would not be possible without all of the hands behind the team members. Many different churches and organizations donated and packed many of the supplies and medications for our trip. A group called ‘Prayers and Quilts’ led by an All Saints’ parishioner, Caren DeRonde, made many beautiful dresses for our patients. Cynthia Capitelli brought handmade booties and caps for the babies. Many members of All Saints and our local hospital, Waccamaw Hospital, donate many over the counter medications and hygiene products. In the pediatric clinic, each child received a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, stickers, and a bag decorated by the youth group at our church. All of the children received multivitamins either individually or through the school if they attend St. Barnabus. Karyn Markley (our inaugural OBGYN!) brought many speculums and prenatal vitamins to Lotore. Leslie Jordanger’s church in VA holds a pill packing party to get the medications ready for the trip. The adult clinic continued to monitor and treat hypertension as well as other chronic and acute illnesses.

We were also able to walk the entire property with Pere Vil and Carmil (the church’s lay reader and school’s administrator) and discuss with them projects such as repair of the cistern, enlarging the kitchen, and adding a room for storage for the school. We are awaiting a definitive plan from Carmil and Pere Vil so that we can begin work on the projects.

As All Saints approaches 18 years in partnership with Lotore, we have seen the Lord bless the community as well as the team members who have served Lotore over the years. Pere Vil and Carmil are true partners in Christ as we identify the needs of Lotore. We hope and pray that this relationship continues and grows as the Lord directs us.IMG_3086