Boat trip to LAGLast March we had the good fortune to say “yes” to a couple of guys who wanted to join up with our group on a visit to La Gonave. After a couple of email exchanges, sight unseen, we met them at the ferry dock in Anse-a-Galet and took them back to St. Francis. It turned out to be one of our better decisions.

Tim Kunin and Lynn Peterson of Greater Good spent a little more than 24 hours with us and we forged a friendship that will, no doubt, endure. These guys have traveled all over the world documenting “good works” and spreading the word of what people are doing. Tim, the CEO of Greater Good, visits countries looking for Fair Trade Goods that can be sold on their website, getting the profits back into the hands of the artisans. That would be enough, but they go one step further. They also use their multiple websites to promote funding for projects world-wide.  At check out one can also donate to projects that benefit women and children, animal health and safety, literacy and much more. It is brilliant beyond words.

When we said good bye after too short a visit, they made a modest promise that they would “repay” us for our hospitality….and have they ever. Lynn, a world recognized videographer, recently gave us the gift of a video he put together after his trip. Tim has stayed involved and has used the website to promote adult literacy, maternal and child health and raise funds to get a container of medical supplies to La Gonave.

Here is the video. Because of Lynn’s generosity it is ours to use and share. Go to the Greater Good websites and do some shopping…and donating!

Guys, we are proud to call you our friends!