We have just completed our first full calendar year with our new website that went up for the first time in late July 2011. It seems like time to take a moment and thank all of you who follow and support the work of our Partnership. As all other NGOs we face problems everyday that would be solved by more financial security, but that is the reality of what we do.

As this year draws to a close we are deeply grateful for what God provides and for the loyalty and trust you put in us to do this work. It has been our first year of “dedicated giving” and we are humbled by what a steady, dependable gift each month allows us to do. These $25 and $50 gifts accumulate and while it may seem small to you it has helped us to face needs and emergencies that we would otherwise struggle to meet.

As most of you know our work to improve and develop better programs comes at a cost. Our mission is to work with the Haitian people to gain self determination and security, and that requires an investment of time and money.

We will enter 2013 with better financial reporting, more transparency and a spirit of collaboration to be sure that we are good stewards of the gifts we receive.  Non-profit work is difficult and the bottom line is often hard to cover, but we feel like we are in entering exciting and fruitful times.

Please know that we appreciate your support –  financial, spiritual and emotional.  We love to hear from you and we never take for granted what you do to support this work.

Blessing to all of you.

The Lagonave Haiti Partnership