Can you imagine writing your name for the first time?

Most of us take literacy for granted but in Haiti, literacy is a privilege, a gift.  Less than two years ago, one woman in the community of Nan Mango asked to learn how to read and write.  Now we  have adult literacy classes in ten communities.  The ladies of Trou Jacques clapped wildly and created a stir in church when it was announced that the second level class would begin.  Exienne, a woman who works at St. Francis, proudly showed us that she could write her name .

Adult literacy is the foundation of all economic development and we are committed to continuing literacy classes in all ten communities.  Over 150 adults have completed the first two levels of classes and have the equivalent of 6th grade literacy.   There are waiting lists for classes in each community.

A generous grant from a family foundation provided the start-up money for this program and we are now seeking support for classes in 2013 and beyond.  We would be so grateful for any support that you could lend to this important initiative.