This was a trip of firsts for us: a group of six (the smallest All Saints group), flying out of Charleston vs Myrtle Beach, a new ambulance, and a new priest, Pere Vil!


The trip out of Charleston was wonderful, costing half of our usual flight, only one plane change, and arriving in PAP by noon!  Pere Vil met us with Garry at the airport and made us feel comfortable right from the start. Of note, customs was very intent on looking at expiration dates on our medications. Please be cautious that you have no expired meds!!

After spending the night at the Wahoo and taking the ferry (complete with life jackets!) over to LaGonave, we met Pere Vil’s wife, Ketia, and 2 daughters.  We were treated to a feast before we rode up the mountain to Lotore in the NEW ambulance which was a treat!! Arthur is happy to have a new ambulance too :).

Leslie Jordanger, Kent Low, and Linda Holt set up the adult clinic while Mandy Drosieko, Nancy Crawford, and Jay Drosieko (both first timers) set up the pediatric clinic. Over the next three days, we saw 110 children and 250 adults.  Dr. Alex from PAP along with Madame Esther (from Bill Rice) and Yvenia out HCW and a hosts of teachers and other Haitians from Lotore assisted us in delivering care. It is a blessing to see how our clinics have evolved from being staffed only by the American mission team to being staffed also by local Haitians.

After worshipping with St Barnabus, we packed up and headed back to Anse-A-Galets to spend the night.  We had a wonderful dinner with Pere Vil, his family, and his lay reader who came from Bainet with him. pere Vil’s English is developing, so Jean Luis stated to translate in Anse-A-Galets.

The early morning ferry back to Carries was delightful as usual.  We spent the day at the Wahoo before flying out Tuesday. We were thankful for safe, uneventful travel.

I believe it was an intentional plan on God’s part that our group was smaller than ever as it allowed us to spend more time individually with Pere Vil, get to know him, and talk about the partnership.  He is also anxious to continue the partnership and its mission on LaGonave.  I know that all of us miss Pere Soner and hope and pray his ministry in Bainet will be blessed, but it is so awesome that the partnership continues to serve the people of LaGonave despite changes in leadership.  I am also excited about a collaborative effort in the partnership to share ideas and strategies to serve on LaGonave.  We also look forward to working with Pere Vil in continuing our mission work on LaGonave. Our next trip will be February 5 as a dental and adult medicine trip to Lotore.

Respectfully submitted,

Mandy Drosieko

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