If the world seemed a little brighter on Tuesday, May 8th, it was being lit up by the huge smiles of our Community Health Workers. They had gathered at the clinic to begin a new training and to welcome 3 new community health workers. What they found waiting for them was new Under Armor backpacks completely stocked with supplies they will need to do their work and each one contained a Haitian Kreyol version of Where There Is No Doctor to use during this year of monthly trainings.

Through a generous donation it became possible to provide backpacks that were embroidered on the back pocket with Ajan Sante-Bill Rice Clinic. Each backpack had a name tag and a note of appreciation for the work they do to serve our communities on La Gonave.

After the presentation, amid smiles and claps, Dr. Dorcius came in and went through the entire kit to explain the use of each item. They were finally equipped with blood pressure cuffs which they had been trained to use, but had never had available to them for use in the field. Future training will prepare them to suture wounds, give injections and treat burns and lacerations.  They will go through the book as they train each month and receive instructions on how to identify and treat the illnesses they see most often such as malaria, gastric distress and hypertension. They will also cover such things as child birth, injury, prevention and safe transport of patients to the clinic.

It is impossible to express what this gift means to the CHWs at Bill Rice Clinic, so we are going to rely on the smiles you see in the picture. It was an important and generous gift that will touch the lives of so many on the island.

The initial set up of these backpacks and the training costs have been covered. Now, the job of each team going down will be to see if they can take replacement supplies to their worker to ensure that they are always equipped to do the work they will be trained to do.

The complete list of the contents of the backpacks are included in this post. The replacement items that need to be replenished are obvious. I will highlight them to make it more clear. They can be taken down in bulk, or if your church or group would like to participate in a project you could gather supplies for 20 workers and place them in 20 one gallon zip lock bags.

They should be taken to the clinic (or given to Pere Soner for transport there) and delivered to the Administrator, Museau Nixere, who will see that they are distributed to each worker as needed.

The Community Health Workers are the backbone of our mission to get care to the people in our communities. They need our support and partnership. Please be sure that you know and meet the worker from your community each time you visit. Pere Soner has promised to send me an updated list as soon as they finalize the training and I will post it at that time.

Contents of Community Healthcare Workers Backpacks:

1 copy “Where There Is No Doctor” in Haitian creole

First aid kits: (First Aid Only model FAO-440)
Assorted Band Aids
Tongue depressors
Clothes pins
Antibiotic ointment
Alcohol wipes
Burn gel
Gauze rolls
Examine gloves
Cotton swabs (long handle)
Gauze trauma pads (assorted sizes)
Medical tape (assorted sizes)
Large bottle betadine 12-16 ounces
Gentian of Violet
Water purification tablets
Sting relief gel
Mercury thermometer
Small blue bulb syringe

Blood pressure cuff and stethoscope
Hand sanitizer
Waterproof matches
Solar flashlight
Small tape measure
Medium notebook
Ballpoint pen




Surgical kits:  in large zip lock
Washable blue surgical cloth
Disposable small drapes
Alcohol pads
Suture kits
Small tweezers
3 3ml 20 gauge syringes
3 sodium chloride flush syringes
Exam gloves
Disposable marks
Large and med. gauze pads
Butterfly strip closures


All items marked in blue will need to be replenished on a regular basis. Please keep this list for your church as they try to find ways to support our mission in Haiti. Contact me at any time if I can be of help with this.

For the Partnership:

Deb Griffin

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