Hope you enjoy our March Newsletter. There is so much going on it was hard to decide how to write it all up.

Here is our most recent report on the Adult Literacy Project. Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in this important project. It is serving as a tool for community building in the remote villages of La Gonave. Also, take a minute to read up on the latest Trip Reports. We have been busy this month and have exciting news to report from remote health clinics, a new water project and the Children’s Nutrition Program! Ed.

Since when is a meeting with the principal a glorious event?

When you learn that all 158 of the people enrolled in our adult literacy classes passed the final exam!!!

At the tailend of my recent trip to Haiti, I met with Laurence Camille, director of Fonkoze’s adult education division, and Robert Sterling, the man who monitored our teachers.  (We have contracted with Fonkoze to implement an adult literacy program).  Robert told us about the dedication of our teachers  who were trained by Fonkoze to be adult educators and the enthusiasm of the students.  Robert said that he was, initially, very worried because our students had absolutely no basics in reading and writing, but that our groups were successful beyond measure.  Our first group of students is eager to move ahead and there are people in every community who are asking for new classes.  Pere Soner told us that many people in these classes had been marginalized in their communities but were now “standing taller.”

Our teachers will complete their advanced training within a few weeks and we will launch the second level of adult literacy AND start a new level one class.  This was announced to the community at Trou Jacques at their church service last Sunday and the congregation applauded with great delight.

So, in 11 months we have moved from a simple request from one woman to learn how to read ….. to 10 new teaching jobs on LaGonave, 158 people graduating from level one of literacy, a second level of literacy education to begin in March and another level one group of classes.  Li bon!

Submitted by Lee Wilder of Covenant Pres in Atlanta


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