Hope has paid off! We have a group of newly trained Adult Literacy Educators and we have had a good response to our funding requests. Just four short months ago the women of Nan Mango came to us and said of all things the needed learning to write and read was on the top of their list. We were so moved by their sincerity and hunger to learn that we made it a top priority of ours as well.

Today we received news from Pere Soner that the first group is trained, they will be commissioned at the Feast Day of St. Francis in Anse-a-Galet this Sunday and he will begin to make placements. There were 14 women and men trained. Ten will move on to be teachers and of those 10 2-3 will be selected at the end of the 4 months to go into Port Au Prince and receive further training.

Pere Soner had the nicest things to say about how well the Fonkoze trainers had done their job and he is encouraged about the long-term growth and sustainability of this program.

Congratulations to our friends on La Gonave and to all of our friends here who are helping to make this a reality. We are truly humbled.


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