“You gotta have hope…musn’t sit around and mope.”  So goes the old song from Damn Yankees and we decided to take this seriously. With only half the money promised we decided to go ahead with hope and the response has been encouraging. We engaged Fonkoze to train a person this week so we could begin our program next week. We were able to use funds available to make this happen and that is also where the hope comes in.

We are hoping that all of you believe that literacy for all is an important part of economic development and justice for all. We are hoping that all of you will be willing to make a contribution to see to it that this program is fully funded and sustainable. With our faith and hope we have told Pere Soner to go ahead and tell the people who will be our new teachers to show up next week and begin their training. We are committed to funding this program so that the people of La Gonave will have the opportunity to become educated and take their place in the economic development of the island.

In four short weeks we will be on La Gonave to meet with these Adult Literacy groups, to observe the training and to be sure the program is on the right course. We are sure that the money we need to make this happen will come and we will be happy if we can tell everyone “this program is fully funded.”  Please show us that this hope is not in vain, for we truly believe what Fredrick Douglass once said: “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

To donate use the button to the right of this page or go to our website https://lagonavepartners.org/ and under Education you can find the Donate Now button that will specify your gift to further Adult Literacy.


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