The annual La Gonave Haiti Partnership Meeting was held in Charleston on July 29th and 30th at St. Phillips Episcopal Church. In addition to representatives from partner churches in Arkansas, Georgia, and South Carolina we were joined by Pere Soner Alexander, the priest in charge of La Gonave as well as Pere Kesner Ajax, Partnership Program Coordinator, Diocese of Haiti. It was a time of renewal, new friends and much hope for the work we are doing on La Gonave. Programs were reviewed, needs assessed and new programs such as the Adult Literacy Project due to begin in September were announced. It was the official kick off of our new website (which you have found if you are reading this!)  We are all please to be able to show you why we are so passionate about the work we do with the people of La Gonave. During break-out sessions we discussed the needs of healthcare, education and transportation. Our trusty ambulance that has taken us on so many trips around the island has become a liability this year. It is not a traditional ambulance, but one equipped with bench type seats for the transport of people. This one has served us well, but it is time to retire it. We will begin a campaign immediately to raise funds for a new one. Many of our communities, actually ALL of our communities, are a long way from the lead church, St. Francis, in Anse-A-Galet. Each day we are there there are trips over unpaved roads to reach the clinic, schools and churches we serve. This demands a  suspension found in a specialized Toyota made for travel in developing countries. The costs of this vehicle will be $39,700, but it is the way we get the medicines and doctors to our clinic, the priest to his churches and all of us to the work we love. This year, more than ever, as we expand our Children’s Nutrition Program, develop a new outreach clinic and expand our women’s sewing project we will need dependable transportation. All that on top of our regularly scheduled visits. Please help us solve this need by donating online or contacting us if you know of anyone interested in helping. This is the lynch pin of our work on La Gonave and we need your help.

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