For the last year the French students at Westminster School in Atlanta, GA under the leadership of Becky McKnight have maintained a learning relationship with the French students at St. Francis School in Anse-a-Galet on La Gonave. They have also set up a website to facilitate learning.

The website is a result of a new partnership or scholarly exchange between The Westminster Schools and the College St. François d’Assise in La Gonâve, Haiti.  In 2010, twelve scholars from La Gonâve partnered with twelve juniors from Westminster to build a website both to market the school among the Haitian population and to provide a vehicle for joint scholarship.  The spring semester brought the exchange of ideas and essays based on L’Enigme du Retour, the novel by Haitian author Dany Laferrière. The Westminster students also participated in a fund raising campaign to benefit their peers in Haiti.  During the 2011-12 school year, the exchange will continue with a planned visit by one of the professors from St. François as well as the continued literary forum, this time concentrating on Laferrière’s earthquake story, Tout Bouge Autour de Moi.

Please take time to visit these sites. The students are very proud of this on-going experiment in learning.

St. Francis School website: (English) and (French)

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