Although the earthquake in January of 2010 caused limited physical damage on the island of LaGonave, there was an impact.

Many families lost loved ones.

Many families had family members working in Port-au-Prince and lost their jobs.

The island had a significant influx of people, taxing food supplies and housing.

All schools were closed for 7 months.

Many people slept outside for months, fearing additional quakes.

Pere Soner witnessed the emotional toll on the children and asked the partnership to help fund one week therapeutic camps for children where they could discuss their fears, act out their anxieties and engage in singing, art and other group activities.

We were lucky enough to attend one of these camps in Nan Mango where over 200 children were happily participating.  In fact, it was the first time we had noticed art supplies and art projects on LaGonave.  There is nothing like the sight and sound of children clapping, singing and squealing with joy.


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