Ansamn ansamn, nou pi fo! Together, together we are stronger. Haitian Proverb
Six Months after the Hurricane

Many of the rebuilding projects on La Gonâve are now complete. The roof at the church at Bois Brule has been rebuilt. The wall the Bill Rice Community Health Center has also been rebuilt, thicker and stronger, to prevent mudslides from the hill outside. The sanctuary at St. Francis has new supports. The compound at St. Francis is stacked with building materials to rebuild the wall.

Those are projects that we can see and photograph. We are still hard at work helping to rebuild the spirit and economy on La Gonâve. Since the heavy rains of the hurricane, it has been incredibly dry and dust coats everything.

An ongoing struggle that predates the hurricane is the devaluation of the Haitian currency. The currency has continued to erode in value while the cost of everything increases. Yet there is much to celebrate. Children giggle and play. Gardens are producing again. We are moving quickly to install guttering and rain barrels at 5 schools before the rainy season begins. Two young men in the secondary school are teaching English to elementary students. Maestro Alex gives music lessons daily. Prenatal clinics are reaching more and more women. To date, we have used $105,898 of your donations on rebuilding and relief. We are in the last phase of rebuilding and are turning our attention to our ongoing programs of supporting schools, providing school lunches, expanding healthcare and offering micro finance opportunities.

Please know how grate we are for your support – you made the impossible possible. We invite you to continue on this journey with us, to stay in touch, and to travel to Haiti with us one day.

Lee Wilder

Treasurer, La Gonâve Haiti Partners


Your gifts have provided the following:

  • $47,328 for repairs to schools and churches
  • $36,000 for emergency food relief
  • $14,000 to help families whose homes were damaged or destroyed
  • $6,000 to replace goats
  • $4,400 to treat children’s malnutrition

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As a young man, Jean Thony left family and friends on La Gonave to travel to Cap Haitien on mainland Haiti to study at the St. Barnabas Agricultural College. After receiving his degree in 2003, he returned home and became the program manager for the new La Gonave Goat Project. #educationhaiti, #hopeforhaiti

Over the past 14 years, Jean Thony has trained more than 400 farmers in goat husbandry. He has also served as the only veterinarian on the island, treating ailing donkeys and injured cows.

Now Jean Thony has the opportunity to attend a veterinary agent class in Port-au-Prince led by Dr. Kelly Crowdis and US veterinarians. Students will meet once a month for 9 months for an advanced course in anatomy, surgery, medical care and terminology. Thank you, Jean Thony, for your commitment to serving the people of La Gonave. Visit to learn more about the goat project.
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Father Jean Vil was honored at the inauguration of the National Scouts of the Anglican Community for his work in helping the scouts across Haiti. #educationhaiti, #hopeforhaiti

Support scouting and other after-school programs for boys and girls on the Haitian island of La Gonâve. Donate at
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