Many who are last…

One of the major tenets of Christianity is that “many who are last shall be first.” The Partnership believes this as well. We believe that the poorest deserve the best because their need is greater. The term, “preferential option for the poor,” was first used in 1968 by Father Pedro Arrupe, a Jesuit priest who

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Seeds of Hope

Last winter we were confronted with a tragic situation on La Gonave. We are used to “major problems” but this one went beyond that. People we knew to be hungry most of the time had transitioned into starving. A combination of climate (drought) and seasons (winter) the food that might often be available was no

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Back to School!!

School starts in Haiti in 4 short weeks. Many of you are now getting your own children ready for school. Take a few minutes to see if you might be able to also help a child in Haiti. The La Gonave Haiti Partners support 10 schools in remote communities around the island of La Gonave

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This experience will guide me as a light every time I have to prepare a lesson for my class.  I will think about your gestures, the way you show love for your students, the way you look in their eyes, the way you congratulate them every time they answer a questions.  May God bless you a lot and protect you.

Rene Wilkel

“A Dime On Its Edge”

The Dutch have an interesting phrase that when translated is “a dime on its edge.” This refers to a situation that is thinly balanced and has a chance of falling either way…for good or for bad. The past 6 months in Haiti (some would argue years) had been “a dime on its edge.” If you

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The Path to Literacy

You never know where the path will lead……. Over three years ago, a woman in Nan Mango stood up in a community meeting and asked to learn what the children were learning in school. She wanted to learn how to read and write. The other women in the meeting broke from their quiet reserve and clapped loudly. And

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