Ansamn ansamn, nou pi fo! Together, together we are stronger. Haitian Proverb
Do You Really Know ?

We are beset with news articles about large, well-known and well-funded NGOs that have not used donations to fulfill their missions to better people’s lives. The La Gonave Haiti Partners use your donations to directly help the people of La Gonave, Haiti. We know them by name. We know their families. We worship with them when we are in Haiti.

Our nearly 30 years on La Gonave have taught us that people on the island want jobs. They want to educate their children and themselves. They want access to healthcare and food and safe drinking water. But, what we hear most often is that they want the tools they need to help each other. So they can teach, grow food, start small businesses, and help their community thrive.

We can give you statistics. This past year, we educated 1500 children and fed them a hot, nutritious lunch, educated 200 adult literacy students, provided 1000 women with prenatal care, and treated 345 children who were malnourished. We provided micro credit to 50+ entrepreneurs, distributed over 100 pregnant goats to farmers who had lost their livestock in Hurricane Matthew and, in total, supported the salaries of 225 people – teachers, cooks, doctors, nurses, midwives, community health workers, builders, translators, and more — on the island of La Gonave.

All of these people have directly benefited from your generous donations. You should know the names, faces and stories of the people whose lives you have changed because of your generosity. That is how you really know that what you are giving is making a difference. It feels good to support worthy organizations. It feels really good to see what a difference it makes.

Over the next two months, we are going to be posting many of the stories from the last year as part of our Annual Campaign. You will meet the people who have had their lives changed because of you. The money you give to the Annual Campaign allows us to respond to their needs as they arise. Money to our programs is important, but we also need the flexibility to shift our focus when there are natural disasters, droughts, and needs that come to our attention as a result of our many visits to partner with these people who we know and love.

At this time of giving, please accept our profound gratitude for your gifts of the last year. Know that we appreciate your thinking of La Gonâve and its people as you plan year-end giving. It is our honor and ethical duty to see that what you give us changes the lives of others. We take our job seriously!

Julie Hope and Lee Wilder, Development Committee, La Gonâve Haiti Partners

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A letter from Pere Vil

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am sending greetings to you from our Lord Jesus Christ.

I appreciated your encouraging words, your love and commitment to be beside the people of Ayiti, specially those of la Gonave, after the offensive and hurtful words Donald Trump said about Haiti last week. People around the world condemn with vehemence his attitude. But, even though Trump is still the president of your country, I do understand his opinion could not in some cases reflect all american opinion.

Our common ministry is a call from God; so keep praying and doing our best to be a testimony of faith for the world to the glory of God.

We love you all, we are one in Christ.

Peace and Blessings,
p. Vil.
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It is truly heartbreaking to hear the words that the president uses to disparage Haiti. Those of us who have worked in Haiti know the dignity and deep, abiding faith of Haitians. ... See MoreSee Less

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